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Stacey has several priorities when re-elected. The economy will continue to be a big question mark, he will support conservative budgeting and believes that it is essential for the city to keep enough emergency funds on hand to weather any economic downturns. He supports increasing the city’s end fund balance to 10%.

Carson City’s master plan is seriously outdated. Stacey will push for a comprehensive master plan update. He wants the community to help decide how the city will grow over the next decade.

Public safety is at the forefront of Stacey’s priorities. He is dedicated to seeing the addition of another fire station in Carson City. He also plans to work with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office to address the needs of our residents suffering with mental health issues. He does not believe mental health issues should be criminalized.

Stacey wants to ensure that the city focuses on the assets and resources that it has, and addresses the deferred maintenance issues that have risen over the past 10 to 15 years. He includes water, wastewater, storm water and building and facility repairs and updates in this.

He also says we can’t afford to keep kicking the can down the road on road maintenance. Stacey adds that as more cars go hybrid or fully electric gas taxes will continue to decline. He says it’s not a problem that can be solved at the local level, but rather the board needs to work with state legislators to find a solution.

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