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Carson City Supervisor Stacey Giomi has spent his career in service to this community. Most recently as Ward 1 Supervisor. He is now running for re-election.

Stacey helped lead the city through numerous challenges over the past four years. He said he is proud of his decisions and support of these accomplishments.

Working to provide essential city services to businesses and residents to ensure their safety during the COVID crisis.

Accomplishing many infrastructure improvements to our essential services; Such as water and sewer systems, roads, and increasing resources for public safety.

Completing an asset inventory of all of the city's buildings and properties. This provides a benchmark for the existing deferred maintenance needs and allows the city to prioritize those repairs to make the most efficient use of available funds.

Completing a comprehensive water study that ties available water to the existing master plan. This assures that we have adequate water resources now and in the future.

Finalizing a public/private partnership with a non-profit to provide affordable workforce housing for senior and low income residents. The project will result in 160 units with rent below market value - this is a first for Carson City.

Stacey served on the Carson City Fire Department for more than 30 years, reaching the rank of Fire Chief in 2005. He retired in 2013. He currently works at Nevada Health Care Centers Inc. where he is the Director of Facilities and Emergency Preparedness. The statewide nonprofit provides medical and dental health services to uninsured, under-insured, the homeless, and geographically isolated communities throughout Nevada.

Stacey serves as President of the Advocates to End Domestic Violence and Board Secretary for the Nevada Rural RSVP.

He holds multiple college degrees;

  • Associate of Applied Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Public (Fire) Administration

  • Bachelor of Science in Fire Prevention Technology

  • U.S. Fire Academy Executive fire Officer Certification

Stacey is also the proud father of two adult children and the adoring grandfather to his 5-year-old granddaughter. He is also an avid Dog Dad.

In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, travel, hiking and cooking.

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